About us

About Tagane

Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd was formed in 2014 by Mr C.T.M Mhlongo in partnership with Mr C.B Mhlongo and Mrs W.N Mhlongo, together they vowed to establish a dynamic company that will provide training, cleaning and maintenance solutions to Corporates and individuals/Domestic

Our Mission

At Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd we pride in our stride towards excellence by accepting all who desire to learn and be countable amongst skilled people of our society. We are dedicated to creating a challenging and supportive environment where members of our community can develop skills and attain personal goals.

Our vision

Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd seek to deliver unrivalled training services to our stakeholders by providing excellence, cost effective, accountability and collaboration. Tagane Training and Training Services Pty (Ltd) strive to uplift our country through training and development opportunities in accordance with the needs of the people by ensuring affordability to all. These characteristics will be the seal of Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd teaching and learning activities, research and service obligations as it achieves excellence through focused involvement.

Our Goals

Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd seek to deliver quality skills training and development by:

  • ● Building capacity and empower individuals through equality participation
  • ● maintaining the highest standard of professionalism, quality, reliability and accountability.
  • ● Creating employment opportunities and raise living standards of our employees and surrounding communities
  • ● Meeting policies and standards for programmes offered as set by Accreditation bodies and SAQA
  • ● Meeting the needs of all skills development and training learners, society and the economy
  • ● Providing support and programmes implementation, enhancing programmes to meet the needs of all learners.

Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd will provide responsive and responsible support by collaborating and communicating effectively with learners and all stakeholders. Tagane Trading and Training Services (Pty) Ltd will also assist in the development and implementation of planning, reporting and other accountability systems, and supports the effective use of information system and technology.


Our partners